[hobbit] xmon 4.3beta2 - Bug with --tooltips=never

Alan Sparks asparks at doublesparks.net
Thu Jun 18 01:10:27 CEST 2009

Dominique Frise wrote:
> Alan Sparks wrote:
>> I have added the documented option "--tooltips=never" to my BBGENOPTS
>> setting.  Documented behavior is to show the COMMENT next to the host
>> name (same as with Hobbit 4.2).  However, in 4.3 this also is showing
>> the value of any DESCR tag on the host, which is not compatible
>> behavior, and is ugly (the DESCR value used to be only included on the
>> INFO page).
>> -Alan
> The man page for 4.3beta2 ( 4.2.3) states:
>      --tooltips=[always,never,main]
>           Determines  which  pages  use  tooltips  to  show   the
>           description  of the host (from the COMMENT entry in the
>           bb-hosts(5) file). If set to always, tooltips are  used
>           on all pages. If set to never, tooltips are never used.
>           If set to main, tooltips are used on  the  main  pages,
>           but not on the BB2 (all non-green) or NK (critical sys-
>           tems) pages.
> Missing in this text is the default setting which corresponds to
> --tooltips=main. This is the setting we use.
> Ie tried --tooltips=never and now see the COMMENT value after the
> hostname which is the correct behaviour (see bb-hosts(5)). The DESCR
> values only show up in the info column.
> Dominique
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Definitely does not work that way here.  I have several host entries
that have tags like:
 DESCR:vip:"Anycast DNS address"

With --tooltips=never in my BBGENOPTS, this is part of the info page. 
But it is also rendered on the groups page:

  dns-anycast (vip:Anycast DNS address)    conn:green:6d04h08m    
dns:green:6d04h45m     info:green:     trends:green:

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