[hobbit] Xymon Proxy for 'conn'

Root, Paul Paul.Root at qwest.com
Wed Jun 17 20:03:11 CEST 2009

I enabled bbnet on my proxy server, and it started up sending conn to green on the machines the servers are able to get to. Great.

But then I start getting some cycling of the conn icon, red to green to red to green.

Could this be the proxy saying it's green, and then the server saying it's red? Do I need to disable bbnet on the servers? Can I do that on a case by case (machine by machine) basis?


Paul Root         IM/MNS Infrastructure    
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On Friday 12 June 2009 21:20:45 Root, Paul wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I've brought up a xymon proxy to get monitoring on some machines that are
> a couple firewalls away from my main servers. That works fine.
> 	What I would like to do now is to have my 'conn' monitor (with fping)
> monitor some machines that are behind a firewall from my server. This
> firewall will allow the 1984 traffic, but not a ping.
> 	So can I get my bbproxy to do the fping and forward that info to the main
> server?
> 	Currently, my bbproxy is not running hobbitd. I'm kind of thinking that if
> I enabled hobbitd to just listen on localhost, and the bbproxy on the real
> ethernet, I could get the fping, and have bbproxy forward to localhost, and
> the real servers.
> 	Does that make sense? Any special config for that, or basically just the
> --listen=, and regular proxy stuff?

No need to run hobbitd, all you need to do is enable the bbnet task, and 
ensure that the BBDISP or BBDISPLAYS variables in hobbitserver.cfg are set 


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