[hobbit] ZONESTAT and MPSTAT graphs show as broken links

John Browning John.Browning at sas.com
Fri Jun 12 16:35:39 CEST 2009

Let's try and keep traffic on the list.
I didn't do anything different than what the instructions said except I found this on a posting which worked for me.

This is what should be in your bb-hosts file for your host.
10.x.x.x foo # TRENDS:*,zonestat:zonestatcpu|zonestatmem|zonestatnproc|zonestatsize|zonersssize,mpstat:mpstatusr|mpstatsys|mpstatwt|mpstatidl

Hope this helps!

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John -

I hope it is okay to contract you directly, but I have had no luck with
posting it. I am having trouble with the zonestat.sh not showing up.
Just wondering how you managed to get yours working? Did you do anything
that different than what the instructions say to do?

Thanks in advance!

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Figured it out.
Problem was with the BB-HOSTS line, needed TRENDS:*,mpstat..etc

John Browning
UNIX Systems Administrator
R&D DataCenter


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