[hobbit] RE: Hobbit/BBWin bug? hobbit_client dumping core.

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Tue Sep 30 15:12:29 CEST 2008

In <BAC1D28A5AB852439A6914CA7AB4E63F0664E4F0 at permls05.wde.woodside.com.au> "Everett, Vernon" <Vernon.Everett at woodside.com.au> writes:

>I have investigate this a little further, and found something more
>curious which does seem to point to a bug either in the Hobbit code, or
>the BB-Win patch code.
>(I need my C guy to get back from leave to investigate which)
>In hobbit-clients.cfg
>If I have a config like
>    SVC "Service1" startup=3Dautomatic status=3Dstarted color=3Dred
>Then everything is good.
>However, if I leave out the startup clause and have this
>    SVC "Service1" status=3Dstarted color=3Dred
>    # (I don't care how it starts, just make sure it is started)
>Then it starts dumping core.

It does sound like a bug in the BBWin-specific part of hobbitd_client.
Have You asked about this on the BBWin mailing list ? I think Etienne
(BBWin maintainer) should have a look at this.


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