[hobbit] I'm back

Lars Ebeling lars.ebeling at leopg9.no-ip.org
Sun Sep 28 10:44:47 CEST 2008

Can just say:

Welcome back!!!


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> Hi everyone,
> just a note that I am back following the eye surgery I had.
> Everything went fine, and I'll end up having just as good
> vision as before all of this trouble started.
> Thanks for all of the "get well soon" e-mail. One of you
> even sent me a postcard - I really appreciate your concern.
> In case anyone else ends up in this situation, I'd advise 
> you to make sure you have plenty of stuff to listen to,
> and also try to plan ahead for things to do that doesn't
> involve using your eyes much. 4 weeks without books and
> computers takes a lot of patience.
> Now, off to catch up on events since I last had a look at
> the mailing list...
> Regards,
> Henrik
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