[hobbit] I'm back

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Sun Sep 28 10:13:23 CEST 2008

Welcome back.  Glad to see it went well for you.


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Hi everyone,

just a note that I am back following the eye surgery I had.
Everything went fine, and I'll end up having just as good
vision as before all of this trouble started.

Thanks for all of the "get well soon" e-mail. One of you
even sent me a postcard - I really appreciate your concern.

In case anyone else ends up in this situation, I'd advise
you to make sure you have plenty of stuff to listen to,
and also try to plan ahead for things to do that doesn't
involve using your eyes much. 4 weeks without books and
computers takes a lot of patience.

Now, off to catch up on events since I last had a look at
the mailing list...


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