[hobbit] Changing BBDISP per test

Sanu Mathew mathew.sanu at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 18:24:16 CEST 2008

Hi Frank,

I am also in a similar state. Let me tell u what i did.
On the firewall i allowed port 1984 from network to my external
hobbit server
But that initially did not work well, so what i did at the switch/firewall
level is have a natted ip for the server from the same
Also have a natted ip for each of ur firewalled servers so that
the hobbit server can talk to them as well.

Now my hobbit server gets all the data from my firewalled servers.
However, the conn is black has a '-' instead of a red or green. I am looking
for answers on that.

Let me know if the above solution works good for u.

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 9:24 PM, Frank Gruellich <frank.gruellich at navteq.com
> wrote:

> Hi,
> for some reason we have two external hobbit monitoring servers.  Now we
> got a couple of machines in a firewalled subnet, bbtest-net on both
> external servers can not access them.  So I set up an internal server,
> that forwards all test results to one of the external servers.
> Unfortunately I need some of the test results at the other external
> server.  From my mind I can remember something like:
>        hostA   # BBDISP= conn http://hostA/index.html
>        hostB   # BBDISP= conn http://hostB/index.html
>        host    # BBDISP= conn http://host/index.html
> (with the firewalled network and and as
> two external hobbit servers), but I can't find any references to this
> anymore.  Can someone help me please?  Is this possible at all or do I
> need to setup a second internal server?
> Thanks in advance and kind regards,
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