MIPS Compilation Errors

Patrick Nixon pnixon at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 12:12:55 CEST 2008

Hey all,
 Has anyone gotten hobbit to compile on a MIPS Platform?

 I'm running Debian 4.0 on a Qube2, which is a MIPS Processor.

 During the ./configure.server script, I'm getting the following
errors, but I installed requisite libraries from apt-get.

 Am I missing something?   Did I do something wrong?


hobbit at qube:~/hobbit-4.2.0$ ./configure.server

Configuration script for Hobbit

This script asks a few questions and builds a Makefile to compile Hobbit

Checking your make-utility
Checking pre-requisites for building Hobbit

Checking for fping ...
Hobbit has a built-in ping utility (hobbitping)
However, it is not yet fully stable and therefore it
may be best to use the external fping utility instead.
I could not find fping on your system
Do you want to use hobbitping [Y/n] ?
OK, I will use hobbitping.

Checking for RRDtool ...
test-rrd.c: In function `main':
test-rrd.c:30: error: too few arguments to function `rrd_graph'
make: *** [test-compile] Error 1
Not RRDtool 1.0.x, checking for 1.2.x
Found RRDtool include files in /usr/include
ERROR: RRDtool library files found in /usr/lib, but link fails.

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