FreeBSD 7.0-Release hobbit server gmake install

Lee J. Imber ljimber at
Fri Sep 19 15:47:39 CEST 2008


FBSD 7.0-release
hobbit-4.2.0 Just downloaded from sourceforge

Tried building a new server last night and during the gmake install  
script it failed here :

chgrp `id -g hobbit` /var/log/hobbit /home/hobbit/server /home/hobbit/ 
server/* /home/hobbit/server/bin/* /home/hobbit/server/etc/* /home/ 
hobbit/server/ext/* /home/hobbit/server/web/* /home/hobbit/server/www/ 
gifs /home/hobbit/server/www/gifs/* /home/hobbit/server/www/menu /home/ 
hobbit/server/www/menu/* /home/hobbit/server/www/help /home/hobbit/ 
server/www/notes /home/hobbit/server/www/html /home/hobbit/server/www/ 
wml /home/hobbit/data /home/hobbit/data/*
chgrp  /home/hobbit/server/etc/hobbit-nkview.cfg /home/hobbit/server/ 
chgrp: /home/hobbit/server/etc/hobbit-nkview.cfg: Invalid argument
gmake[1]: *** [install-cfg] Error 1
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/home/hobbit/hobbit-4.2.0/hobbitd'
gmake: *** [install-hobbitd] Error 2

Looks like the chgrp flags are missing. Can I manually edit the  
script? If so, which one?



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