[hobbit] Latest stable snapshot?

Rich Smrcina rsmrcina at wi.rr.com
Wed Sep 17 14:53:41 CEST 2008

That's your option.  The way I see it you have 4 choices:

1). don't change it and don't run the current svn code
2). change it to be able to run the current svn code
3). find a way to coax the configure script to work with the new zlib define
4). wait until Henrik returns so that he can fix it (which pretty much 
follows number 1)

The change is very minor and doesn't impact the way zlib works.

Lars Ebeling wrote:
> But if you download the source from the link below and search for major 
> and minor, you dont find other than "minor changes".
> I refuse to change other software, it would be zlib, rrd, png, 
> ....whatever, just to adapt it to hobbit. It should be the other way 
> around.

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