[hobbit] Problem to check logs with Hobbit

L.M.J linuxmasterjedi at free.fr
Wed Sep 10 06:42:05 CEST 2008

Le Tue, 9 Sep 2008 15:39:59 -0400,
"Kauffman, Tom" <KauffmanT at nibco.com> a écrit :

> Start with the basics -
> As the hobbit user on "Suspendisse", try "less /var/log/messages" to see if the hobbit client can even read
> the log (I don't know Ubuntu, but RHEL and SUSE both set /var/log/messages to mode 640 by default).
> You won't need the 'localclient.cfg' entry on the hobbit server - that only applies to the hobbit client
> running on the server. But you WILL need a rule in hobbit-alerts.cfg on the server if you want to be
> alerted when the condition comes up.

Hello Tom,

  I've already checked this : the Hobbit user on "Suspendisse" can read the "/var/log/messages" file. Gonna
remove the lines I've added on the Hobbit server. Gonna put a trigger on hobbit-alerts.cfg and see. I will
keep you in touch
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