Hobbit 4.2 - bb2 ack list has strange date

Alan Sparks asparks at doublesparks.net
Thu Sep 4 06:54:18 CEST 2008

Trying to get a Hobbit 4.2.0+allinone server on CentOS 4.6 x86_64 running.

I am sometimes, when acknowledging an alert getting a very wrong date
string showing in the ack log at the bottom of the bb2 page.  For instance:
Fri May 24 00:07:50 9630 	den1log43 	disk 		uiadmin (
asparks: blown datafile

Where in the world can "year 9630" be coming from?

The acknowledge.log has the following line:
1220503494      525808  60      525808  np_filename_not_used   
yellow  asparks: blown datafile, needs rebuild \nAcked by: uiadmin

Is this corrupt data somewhere?  I've also tried removing the content of
acknowledge.log, but the problem returns as soon as I ack a new alert.

Thanks for any advice.

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