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Looks like this -- the "Timeclocks" entry shows on the main page; on the "Timeclocks" page there is an entry for each site; the site-level subpage shows the detail for all the timeclocks at the site.

page Timeclocks <H4><I> Timeclocks </I></H4>
title <H3> Timeclocks </H3>
subparent Timeclocks atl-clock <H3><I>Atlanta Timeclocks</I></H3>
group-compress <H3><I>Atlanta Timeclocks</I></H3>
include hosts/atl-stuff/timeclocks
subparent Timeclocks bly-clock <H3><I>Blytheville Timeclocks</I></H3>
group-compress <H3><I>Blytheville Timeclocks</I></H3>
include hosts/bly-stuff/timeclocks
subparent Timeclocks cha-clock <H3><I>Charleston Timeclocks</I></H3>
group-compress <H3><I>Charleston Timeclocks</I></H3>
include hosts/cha-stuff/timeclocks
subparent Timeclocks cor-clock <H3><I>Corona Timeclocks</I></H3>
group-compress <H3><I>Corona Timeclocks</I></H3>
include hosts/cor-stuff/timeclocks

# hosts/atl-stuff/timeclocks     atl-timeclock1          # noconn     atl-timeclock2          # noconn

I have entries on my main page for routers, LAN switches, print servers, and other such. I also have entries by physical site, with the full detail of the devices at that site (used by the site admins).


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Hi all

Grouping subpages?

Grouping hosts is dead easy, but subpages?
Is it even possible?

I am looking for a page
And on the page, a heading
        Then a few links to subpages (with hosts in these subpages)
Then another heading
        And more links to more subpages (with more hosts)


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