[hobbit] No Procs Graph?

Martin Flemming martin.flemming at desy.de
Wed Sep 3 14:45:53 CEST 2008

Hi !

  You needs somthing like this in your hobb-client.cfg

PROC firefox 0 -1 TRACK=firefox


The optional TRACK=id setting causes Hobbit to track the number of 
processes found in an RRD file, and put this into a graph which is shown 
on the "procs" status display. The id setting is a simple text string 
which will be used as the legend for the graph, and also as part of the 
RRD filename. It is recommended that you use only letters and digits for 
the ID.



On Wed, 3 Sep 2008, Ann.Waters at kp.org wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I am new to Hobbit and noticed that when you drill down to a device's
> procs information, there is no graph but the magnifying glass shows up as
> if a graph should be there.  I've looked through so many man pages, wiki
> entries, FAQs, etc. trying to figure this out that my head is spinning!
> And when I go to the Hobbit demo site and drill down to
> http://hswn.dk/hobbit-cgi/bb-hostsvc.sh?HOST=voodoo.hswn.dk&SERVICE=procs
> and http://hswn.dk/hobbit-cgi/bb-hostsvc.sh?HOST=sarge&SERVICE=procs, the
> procs graphs don't show up there either.  So, have I been wasting my time
> trying to make that graph work or is there some magical trick that a
> master is willing to reveal to me?
> Any/all help will be appreciated!
> Thanks!
> Ann

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