FILE monitor doesn't like ownerid= entry

Denver Osborn denver at
Fri Jun 27 15:30:32 CEST 2008

Ok, I found my problem.  Changed the OWNERID and GROUPID  entries to OWNER and GROUP and everything works as expected.


From: Denver Osborn [mailto:denver at]
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Subject: [hobbit] FILE monitor doesn't like ownerid= entry


I'm setting up a files monitor and it doesn't seem to care for the OWNERID and GROUPID.

My hobbit-clients.cfg entry:


  FILE /dev/rdsk/ora_asm_disk1 red OWNERID=oracle GROUPID=dba TYPE=block MODE=660

The bb display output:


File is owned by user oracle  - should be D=oracle

File is owned by group dba  - should be D=dba

I searched the mail archive and found one instance where someone else had the same issue, but no resolution was posted. Any help is appreciated!

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