mailack question

Allan Spencer allan at
Thu Jun 26 02:44:28 CEST 2008

HI all

A LONG time ago I asked about ack'ing an alert via email (or via 
sms-to-email) and to be able to do so without a subject. A patch was 
written at the time and it was included into the main codebase but 
unfortunately I did not get a chance to imeplement what I wanted to and 
never ended up testing it. Thats has just changed recently and now I am 
having issues acking an alert via text in the body.

If i reply to an email and maintain the subject it works fine, if I try 
cut the subject and paste it as the body nothing happens. I havent gone 
as far as testing it via the sms-to-email app yet as I cant get it 
working from a normal email.

I still have one other potential problem of me converting the [] in the 
alerts to () but thats more outbound sms and I can deal with it coming 
back inwards.

Any suggestions appreciated


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