ver 4.3 and socket server

John P. Fisher john.fisher at
Mon Jun 23 20:07:07 CEST 2008

******Sorry for being unclear. Yes, Buchan the eventual product would
monitor data on the embedded device, and use Hobbit or some equivalent,
as a platform for display. It looks to me like Hobbit is powerful/easily
customizable for the display part, but the connection-to-data-source
part uses polling, which may be fine for some data, but other data in
our world should be pushed down to the humans. For this task I don't
care what the data is, I am just making a proof-of-concept.

No I don't need the embedded device to act as a server. I am content
with a separate Hobbit server.

So on the Hobbit server I need to get incoming data from a socket and
put it into the Hobbit display, then send it down to the browser. I
think I can use a Flash-based model to push data to the browser. This
means including a small flash app in the web page that Hobbit assembles,
like several chat servers do. So I want to piggyback on the standard
Hobbit server by adding to the Hobbit web page with a flash applet that
can push data down to the browser.

This means I am asking about adding html/flash and data to the Hobbit
server web page. What I am asking for is, advice, suggestions, 'I did it
already this way' and so forth.
I am also asking if there is a socket system in version 4.3 of Hobbit
that would be useful.

Hoping this makes more sense than the first time...

On Friday 20 June 2008 20:24:29 John P. Fisher wrote:
> Hi folks, I want to make a simple demo that shows a proof-of-concept,
> and I need some advice and news of possible hobbit 4.3 ver socket
> connections.
> I have an embedded linux device and a linux server. I have installed
> both hobbit server and client ver 4.2 successfully.
> Now what I want to show is a socket server running on the client ( the
> embedded device) pushing data to the hobbit server, and thence to my
> browser on a third machine. I have built a crude socket server for the
> hobbit client  that will do for the demo. So I need to listen on a
> socket at the server, and write the data to the web page.

Maybe you want to tell us more about what you are trying to achieve.

Are you trying to monitor the embedded device? Or, are you trying to use it to 
monitor specific hosts and report to the hobbit server?

There may be other solutions to your problem, but I can't understand from the 
description of your proposed solution what your original problem was.


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