BBWin [file:] and epoch time

McGraw, Robert P rmcgraw at
Mon Jun 23 20:06:14 CEST 2008

I have the [file:] set up in central mode on our BBWin V.12 client and it
returns the following client data to the Hobbit server. 

	type:0x00020 (file)
	mode:777 (not implemented)
	owner:0 (not implemented)
	group:0 (not implemented)
	atime:1214222069 (2008/06/23-11:54:29)
	ctime:1213796626 (2008/06/18-13:43:46)
	mtime:1214222069 (2008/06/23-11:54:29)

On my hobbit server hobbit-clients.cfg I have 

	FILE c:\Alligate\AAATEST red MTIME<88200

The YYYY/MM/DD-HH:MM:SS atime, ctime and mtime are local time.

During testomg I noticed that the red icon would come on before I had

I decided to do a little checking and using the epoch time calculator at

If I enter 2008/06/23-11:54:29 it returns the epoch time of 1214236469,
which does not match mtime epoch time above.

If I enter the epoch mtime 1214222069 I get Mon Jun 23 2008 07:54:29
GMT-0400 (EDT) which does not match the date.

If I enter epoch time 1214236469 I get Mon Jun 23 2008 11:54:29 GMT-0400

Things seem to be off 4 hours. It seems that the YYYY/MM/DD-HH:MM:SS time is
local but the epoch time is GMT. 

Do other seem this or am I looking at this wrong.



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