[hobbit] OoO spam loop (was: Re: [hobbit] Away From Office (was: [hobbit] Away From Office...)

Hobbit User in Richmond hobbit at epperson.homelinux.net
Mon Jun 23 14:57:07 CEST 2008

On Sun, June 22, 2008 17:35, Henrik Stoerner wrote:
> Everyone else ... either unsubscribe from the mailing list while you're
> on holiday, or configure your out-of-office daemon to NOT reply to
> mails sent to the mailing list. This was a particularly bad example of
> not doing so, but there are a handful every year where people send
> out-of-office mails to the list.

Of course, this is partially self-inflicted by this mailing list using a
Reply-To targeting the list address, which creates the ricochet effect
without the offender having been clueless enough to set the OOO for "Reply

On most of the large lists I subscribe to, I'll get an out of office or
two with every other post.  But because they're only going to the From:
address, the impact is limited to the poster rather than spraying the
entire list.  Just pointing that out; whether or not to configure a list
this way is a religious argument....

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