Disk test display feature request

Everett, Vernon Vernon.Everett at woodside.com.au
Fri Jun 20 06:15:58 CEST 2008

Hi Henrik

A feature request for you.

Most unix-like operating systems now support the -h switch on the df
I am sure I do not need to tell you, -h displays the output in human
readable format.

# df -h
Filesystem                      size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on
/dev/vx/dsk/bootdg/rootvol      7.9G   3.3G   4.5G    43%    /
swap                   		  7.9G   1.4M   7.9G     1%
/dev/vx/dsk/bootdg/var          7.9G   4.5G   3.3G    58%    /var
/dev/vx/dsk/bootdg/opt          7.9G   1.7G   6.1G    22%    /opt
/dev/vx/dsk/int/vol0            190G   147G    40G    79%
/dev/vx/dsk/6540b/dsu3          7.3T   4.6T   2.6T    64%
/dev/vx/dsk/6540b/dsu4          7.3T   5.2T   2.1T    72%

Not so good if you want to do calculations, but far more readable
compared to  

# df -k
Filesystem            kbytes    used   avail capacity  Mounted on
/dev/vx/dsk/bootdg/rootvol   8262869 3448657 4731584    43%    /
swap                         8091848    1464 8090384     1%
/dev/vx/dsk/bootdg/var       8262869 4713464 3466777    58%    /var
/dev/vx/dsk/bootdg/opt       8262869 1777713 6402528    22%    /opt
/dev/vx/dsk/int/vol0         199229440 153301977 43058152    79%
/dev/vx/dsk/6540b/dsu3       7803789312 4968049472 2813588504    64%
/dev/vx/dsk/6540b/dsu4       7803789312 5579034264 2207423576    72%

Is it possible to have the calculations and graphs based on the standard
df -k output, but have the display use df -h?

It might require 2 iterations of the df command at client level, one for
display, and another for data.
I was thinking, maybe even add another definition in the client configs.
DF_DISP="df -h", which would then allow any switches to be added,
depending on preference.

I have tried changing the DF= command definition to df -h in the config,
but that seems to break some of the calculations at server side.


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