Hobbit Graphing Question:

Jim Richard JRichard at SciQuest.com
Wed Jun 18 04:58:04 CEST 2008


I'm running Hobbit 4.2 I'm doing some custom graphs.I'm using the NCV
module to collect the data.  Some times they work and some times they
don't. What I've found is that on first initialization is that the first
column is dropped from the rrd. I've worked around this behavior by
sending a bogus NAME:VALUE pair in my script. Then adding it to my
hobbitserver.cfg like this:


I have to send the following from my script:

	<!-- graph data
	bogus : 0 
	completedcmds : 114
	runningcmds : 0
	mincmdtime : 0
	maxcmdtime : 15442
	avgcmdtime : 177

Except for the bogus column all the RHS values are from variables. The
Bogus value is hard wired to 0. 

Without the bogus definition on the NCV_TcAl variable, I lose the
compltetecmds in the rrds and I just get the runningcmds... etc. 

The bogus data point doesn't cost much from a space perspective, but I
am wondering if I'm just doing some thing wrong. 

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