Multigraphs with custom SCV datasets

Jason Funk jasonlfunk at
Tue Jun 17 19:56:30 CEST 2008

Is it possible to use the multigraphs option with custom SCV datasets? I
have a script that returns me 15 unique values from a server. I would like a
graph of all of these, but placing them all on the same graph isn't helpful.
I've read that using adding the multigraphs option to hobbitcgi.cfg will
turn on this feature, but instead I get a 1 graph with all of my data plots
and then links (hobbit graph ncv:moirad) below it. I was able to turn on the
feature for non-custom scv datasets (such as inode) but can't get it to work
for this.

Here are the relevant parts of my configuration:
TEST2RRD="cpu=la,disk, --cut-- ,moirad=ncv"

CGI_SVC_OPTS="--env=/usr/pkg/hobbit/server/etc/hobbitserver.cfg --no-svcid
--history=top --multigraphs=disk,inode,moirad"

        TITLE Moira Server Stats
        YAXIS #
   ----- CUT -----
       GPRINT:nqueries:AVERAGE: \: %5.1lf%s (avg)\n
        GPRINT:nincrementals:LAST:Incrementals \: %5.1lf%s (cur)
        GPRINT:nincrementals:MAX: \: %5.1lf%s (max)
        GPRINT:nincrementals:MIN: \: %5.1lf%s (min)
        GPRINT:nincrementals:AVERAGE: \: %5.1lf%s (avg)\n

Is what I am trying to do even possible?

Jason Funk
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