[hobbit] BBWin and file testing resolved.

Aaron Zink AaronZink at eharmony.com
Mon Jun 16 22:09:50 CEST 2008

I have this enabled on BBWin 0.12 and file monitoring still isn't working.  Would you mind posting or emailing your bbwin.cfg and the relevant snips of hobbit-client.cfg and client-local.cfg?

Thanks much

Aaron Zink
Manager, Corporate IT

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From: McGraw, Robert P [mailto:rmcgraw at purdue.edu]
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Subject: [hobbit] BBWin and file testing resolved.

After a little snooping in the BBWin V.12 svn I noticed that there is a
"filesystem" agent and that

        <load name="filesystem" value="filesystem.dll"/>

invokes this agent in BBWin.cfg.

Once I added this line BBWin file started working and my hobbit server
started monitoring the file.


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