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I have set up a script to send out a sms when ever the connection to my
proxy server fails.

I have used gammu as a SMS gateway. 


The script that I get hobbit to call to reads as following




echo "test" | gammu --sendsms TEXT <Phone Number here>


When I am logged on as the user Hobbit, I can run the script fine. The
recipient receives the SMS, so the permissions are fine.


In my hobbits-alerts.cfg I have the following information


HOST=<Host Address> SERVICE=conn

SCRIPT /usr/local/bin/smstest <Phone Number>


I know that the variable $rcpt is not being used, I don't need it. The
phone number is coded into the script itself. I simply have it so
Hobbits will not fail.


When the script runs, the page.log file has this error in it.


2008-06-16 15:24:51 Paging script /usr/local/bin/smstest terminated with
status 255


Can I use a custom script like the one I have? Or do I need to use a
specific standard.


I don't want any specific information in the sms, just a notification
that is has fallen over. 

Currently, I just want it to send the 'test' sms.


Is what I am trying to achieve possible?


If it is, what have I done wrong?



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