[hobbit] Debugging help: bbtest-net gets http test timing wrong

Tim McCloskey devzero at cox.net
Mon Jun 16 07:18:47 CEST 2008

I get that wget/curl always work.  Not sure what resolver settings may be implemented differently for hobbit.

Still thinking this may be unrelated to hobbit (even though wget/curl work fine for you).  We have many apache boxes 
spanning multiple networks running httpd versions 1.3, 2.0 and 2.2 that hobbit(4.2 with allinone patch) likes just fine 
and reports accurate times (Seconds: 0.nn).  We also have fairly proper forward and reverse DNS records for the systems 

I can't imagine hobbit parsing the wrong response times, but if that is the case I wonder what external libraries are 
used (not hobbit provided libs, as ours parse fine and are likely the same as yours).

Anyway, good luck with the tcpdump.



Alan Sparks wrote:
> UseCanonicalName is off, and HostNameLookup is off, on every server, 
> regardless of version.
> -Alan
> Tim McCloskey wrote:
>> What do you have for
>> UseCanonicalName
>> in the apache 2.0 boxes?

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