[hobbit] hobbit page is blank

Krash, Paul pkrash at exegy.com
Sun Jun 15 13:44:56 CEST 2008

>It was the disk being full.  Thanks for the assistance.

Went through same thing during early years using BigBrother,
finally decided to start monitoring disk space on the server itself,
and have it send me critical disk usage messages before boss(es) called me.

Do you use a SNPP server for sending SMS messages to folks
who need to get that 3 am emergency message before anyone knows about it?

Which one seems to work with hobbit better?

Anyways, thanks everyone for being here, and all the great help and knowledge you provide.

English is not my first language either, so it helps when people are more understanding
during a technical crisis/query.

But enough! I digress..... :-)

Have a good sunday!
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