Question regarding Custom Graphs

Jim Richard JRichard at
Fri Jun 13 05:12:04 CEST 2008


I've just gotten custom graphs to work, on a simple custom script. Now I
have bigger fish to fry. I have a number of custom scripts that produce
10 to 20 metrics. I'd like to split these metrics into multiple
related/compatible graphs. If it try to produce them all on one chart
the results will be so skewed that most results will not be displayable
since they are so small when compared to other metrics from the same
column. Right now I'm using the NCV module. I understand that there is
an external script module that may help with this. The documentation is
pretty vague on how this might help. If anyone has examples on how to
produce multiple graphs on the same hobbit status page it would be
greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance,

Jim Richard. 
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