[hobbit] No disk and cpu status from Linux and Solaris clients

humphb at gmx.net humphb at gmx.net
Thu Jun 12 11:38:58 CEST 2008

Yes, the clients are listed in the ghost list. And now? I've build own clients for each architecture. For Debian Etch the hobbit-client package, for Suse9  and for Solaris I've build a own client nad fior the win-client bbwin. All excl. the bbwin based on version 4.2 incl. allinone Patch.


>It sounds like the agents on your other clients are not reporting in
>correctly.  Check your ghost list.  The tests you are getting status for
>are network tests that are executed centrally, usually by the Hobbit
>You have to build a client for each architecture.

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>Subject: [hobbit] No disk and cpu status from Linux and Solaris clients
>I'm running a hobbit server on OS X . It should monitor various OS X ,
>Linux and Solaris machines. From OS X clients I get all stats, from
>Linux (Debian, Suse) and Solaris clients I get only conn, info, ssh and
>trends . But there I get no  disk or cpu stats. Any idea.
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