[hobbit] Windows Cluster Monitoring Advice

Etienne Grignon etienne.grignon at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 11:09:29 CEST 2008

Hi Padraig,

2008/6/5 Lennon, Padraig <Padraig.Lennon at pioneerinvestments.com>:
> Thanks Etienne,
> I have implemented those changes.. All look good. How do you deal with event
> log errors? I was thinking a combo test would work..
> A few other issues:
> Say I wanted to monitor a shared disk F: on the cluster. The shared drive is
> 1TB in size. For the moment the disk is on node1 of the cluster. Now I want
> to alert only when the disk gets to 50gb left. This is easy to do in the
> bbwin.cfg file on node1.
> Suppose now we have a failover of the resource to node2. It has no idea
> about the 50gb limit and back on node1 it is in an alert status because it
> can't find the F: drive.
> How do I get around this?

You will have to comment the line in bbwin.cfg on node 2 until the
second node becomes the active node. It is a manual action which is
not a good idea I know but there are no other alternatives for that.
However, you can try to remove the specific F rule and change the
default rules in % to be sure you will always have 50g left on your F:
drive so you won't get alerts on the second node because the F: drive
is missing.



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