[hobbit] Is there a way to clone host definitions in bb-hosts?

Hobbit User in Richmond hobbit at epperson.homelinux.net
Wed Jun 11 03:26:03 CEST 2008

On Tue, June 10, 2008 20:50, John Burk wrote:
> let's just assume that after wrangling *nix machines for over 20 years
> I'm familiar with a couple of shells.
> What I'm looking for is a more helpful answer; loading several files
> up into vi and doing a search and replace on all lines that match a
> pattern feels kludgy to me.

Same background here, and my thoughts about that response were less
charitable than yours.

You probably know that whatever you're doing in vi (or vim) with search
and replace could be scripted using a sed pipe and very similar syntax to
your vi commands.  AFAIK, you'd have to template this yourself and write
such a script to transform your templates into bb-host includes.  I hope
someone else on the list can be more helpful than that.


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