[hobbit] Monitoring Solution

Sloan joe at tmsusa.com
Mon Jun 9 20:29:37 CEST 2008

Rafal Roginela wrote:
> Hi all,
> Need some advice please and maybe a walkthrough if someone has already 
> done this. Here is what I am trying to accomplish:
> I have my own company and I want to use Hobbit to monitor my clients 
> system. I want to use a small factor pc for this and I found one that 
> is small and requires little power although still offers the 
> familiarity of a standard PC (Shuttle K45). What I need help with is 
> settling on a Linux distro that is somewhat compact and easy to get 
> working with Hobbit. I will be limited to a small HD (by small I mean 
> <40 GB ;-) and 512 Mb of RAM. I’m looking to build a rock solid 
> install that can be replicated in it’s base form and then customized a 
> little here and there to suit the needs for that particular clients 
> and I’m talking Small business maybe 2 servers (all windows at the 
> moment) at most and some network devices for uptime(printers and 
> such). Any help would be very appreciated. Also if you think that 
> hobbit may be overkill for this job and have a better suggestion then 
> I’m open to that too.

For limited RAM like your situation, I'd put a no-frills distro like 
ubuntu server on the box - and FWIW the 8.04 LTS edition which just came 
out will be supported until 2013.


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