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Rafal Roginela Rafal.Roginela at
Mon Jun 9 19:40:58 CEST 2008

Hi all,


Need some advice please and maybe a walkthrough if someone has already
done this. Here is what I am trying to accomplish:


I have my own company and I want to use Hobbit to monitor my clients
system. I want to use a small factor pc for this and I found one that is
small and requires little power although still offers the familiarity of
a standard PC (Shuttle K45). What I need help with is settling on a
Linux distro that is somewhat compact and easy to get working with
Hobbit. I will be limited to a small HD (by small I mean <40 GB ;-) and
512 Mb of RAM. I'm looking to build a rock solid install that can be
replicated in it's base form and then customized a little here and there
to suit the needs for that particular clients and I'm talking Small
business maybe 2 servers (all windows at the moment) at most and some
network devices for uptime(printers and such). Any help would be very
appreciated. Also if you think that hobbit may be overkill for this job
and have a better suggestion then I'm open to that too.


Thank You

Rafal Roginela

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