Tim McCloskey devzero at cox.net
Thu Jun 5 19:57:23 CEST 2008

Well that did not help :) And there are still errors in hobbitd.log

2008-06-05 10:52:42 Bad timespec (missing colon or wrong weekdays): 1800:0730:Nightly Reboot

I'll have another look at the man pages :)


> I am going to change _all_ of the DOWNTIME entries to quote the whole 
> string and see what happens.
> Thanks again.
> Tim
> Stuffle, David (Corporate) wrote:
>> Try it like this:
>> ipaddr someserver # "DOWNTIME=*:2200:0730:Nightly Reboot"
>> Quoting the entire DOWNTIME tag is needed when specifying a reason. (at
>> least it works for me)

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