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Tue Jun 3 13:13:56 CEST 2008

Hi everyone,
I have a requirement to monitor some 2 node Windows 2003 File Clusters .
I would like to monitor them with BBWin but I have the following

*	Should I install the bbwin client on both nodes and activate
only one of the nodes for monitoring? With this setup I miss monitoring
the local C/D drives on each node.
*	Is it possible to make bbwin a clustered application? (i.e. one
that would failover using the MS clustering mechanism)
*	The cluster.exe supplied with the bbwin package only shows the
cluster groups, not the individual items within the groups. Has anyone
written any extended cluster checks that they would possibly share with
me? If not I can write my own. I'm sure I can get this information with

At the moment I setup the bbwin client on one of the nodes and then
change the registry entry to use the cluster name (i.e I install on a
node fileclus1n1 and change the registry key to fileclus1). Is this the
correct way to setup the monitoring? Any advice would be greatly
I realise the question should probably be on the BBWIN mailing list, but
I thought I would have more chance of getting a reply on this list.
Thanks in advance
Padraig Lennon
Senior Systems Engineer
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Pioneer Global Investments (Dublin)
5th Floor Georges Quay Plaza, Dublin 2
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Direct dial: 00353 1 480 2081
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