[hobbit] HPUX and procs column

Manocchia, Robert Robert-Manocchia at IDEXX.com
Mon Jun 2 22:27:45 CEST 2008

Try the following in the client/bin/hobbitclient-hp-ux.sh file


echo "[ps]"

UNIX95=1 ps -Ax -o pid,ppid,user,stime,state,pri,pcpu,time,vsz,args


It should return the expected string command instead of cmd.




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I just started doing some process monitoring in Hobbit.  It's working
fine on all platforms except HP/UX.  On HP/UX systems the status goes to
Warning immediately, and when you get the details it says:


yellow Expected string COMMAND not found in ps output header


UID        PID  PPID  C    STIME TTY          TIME CMD
root         0     0  0  Jul  5  ?           04:10 swapper
root         1     0  0  Jul  5  ?           35:35 init


I checked and sure enough, HP/UX seems to use "CMD" as the header for
the ps column that the other operating systems call "COMMAND", so it
isn't checking the processes right.


Is that string somewhere in hobbit that I can change, like a script, or
would it be compiled into the binary?





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