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Hi Phil. I have found a small typo in the code that may or may not be
the cause of your woes, my last email to this group detailed it:
> Further to my last email, I believe I have found the problem/bug/typo.
> The following pathnames/lines are from my installed file locations but
you should be able to search/find them in your installed locations:
> In /opt/hobbit/server/etc/hobbitcgi.cfg, line 47 looks like:
> and in /opt/hobbit/cgi-bin/hobbit-ghosts.sh, line 6 the end of the
line looks like: bin/hobbit-ghosts.cgi $CGI_GHOSTS_OPTS
> Changing hobbitcgi.cfg to:
> Makes it work correctly.
Having made this change I found that the list of ghost servers was
indeed valid. I also found that manually editing the bb-hosts file,
adding one of the ghosts to the end of it (as you might do via a script
if you have the "Unknown hosts" listed at the end) and waiting about
five minutes did cause that machine to be added into the main Hobbit
pages and be removed from the Ghosts list.
I am running Hobbit 4.2.0 on a Solaris 10 server, nothing special.


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	Let me know if you get this working...
	I have been unsuccessful in using the ghostlist report using bb.
It is not consistent. ghostlist does not stop reporting on hosts after
they have been added to bb-hosts. There has not been a clear answer as
to why from the list. Do a search of the mailing list to see my
	2008/6/2 Val Polyakov <vpolyakov at vmsinfo.com>:

		nevermind, found my answer:
		bb "ghostlist"

		Val Polyakov wrote:
		> where does hobbit store ghost reports, if anywhere?
		> my goal is to have a shell/perl script scan the file
(if there's one) daily
		> for the presence of ghost reports and modify bb-hosts
to insert these
		> machines into an "uncategorized", or some such,
section of hobbit
		> is there such a file to scan for this in?
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