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  I'm trying to monitor LOG files on a Linux OS via the Hobbit client
monitor 4.2.0. I have some issue : file information are not send back to
the server. I've checked the ML & the conf file :
     #                             ************ IMPORTANT ***************
     #   To monitor a logfile, you *MUST* configure both client-local.cfg
     #   and hobbit-clients.cfg. If you configure only the client-local.cfg
     #   file, the client will collect the log data and you can view it in
     #   the "client data" display, but it will not affect the color of the
     #   "msgs" status. On the other hand, if you configure only the
     #   hobbit-clients.cfg file, then there will be no log data to inspect,
     #   and you will not see any updates of the "msgs" status either.

  BTW, client-local.cfg & hobbit-clients.cfg does not exist anymore ;).
Anyway, I put this on my client side localclient.cfg file :

        # FILE Check
        FILE /var/log/messages  SIZE>0 MTIME<1200 yellow
        FILE /var/log/messages  red     "timed out!"
        FILE /var/log/messages  red     "abort!"

        # LOG
        LOG %/var/log/messages %(I/O|read).error COLOR=red

 ll /var/log/messages
   -rw-r----- 1 root adm 5530 May 29 16:25 /var/log/messages

  Hobbit is in the "adm" group, it can read the file. So why my Hobbit
server keep saying "No files checked" ?

   Thanks by advance!

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