Qustion regarding movement of history information.

Carl Bruhn cbruhn2 at csc.com
Fri Aug 29 14:43:39 CEST 2008

To hobbit mail list,

I have made a configuration alteration in my hobbit setup.
Previously I had a screen layout like :

SERVERS      t1  t2  t3 t4  t5
SERV1         x   x   x  x  x
SERV2         x   x   x  x  x

Where t4 and t5 where some test done on Oracle
Now we would like to have a layout as:

SERVERS      t1  t2  t3
SERV1         x   x   x
SERV2         x   x   x

SERV1_ORA1       x   x
SERV2_ORA1       x   x

where the new server name is a combination of the server name and the
I have no problems doing this by just adding a new server-group in bb-hosts
and then let the tests t4 and t5 send to the new defined hosts.
My question now is, if there is a way to get the history information from
server SERV1 t4 to move to the history of SERV_ORA1 t4 so we still have the
old history information.
We have not deleted the SERV1 t4 t5 and SERV2 t4 t5 so the history can
still be seen by clicking the x-button, but as there is no more info sent
to these servers/tests I would like them not to be displayed from the SERV1
and SERV2 line.
If there was a way to merge, this info I would like to know.
We know we can rename a test with bb but as far as I know you can't move
between servers

Med venlig hilsen

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