Latest stable snapshot?

Davíð Steinn Geirsson david at
Wed Aug 27 18:24:38 CEST 2008

Hi all,

We manage several systems and use hobbit for monitoring all of them. I 
was hoping someone might be able to tell me what is the current 
recommended version to be running? 4.2.0 is getting very old and does 
not include a large number of features we like. One of our systems was 
updated to a snapshot at some point, which is generally working okay but 
still has some problems (history viewer crashes occasionally, but can 
always be resolved by simply refreshing the page). I'd now like to find 
a stable 4.3 release that we can deploy instead of that.

 From what I've gathered the snapshots are not generated anymore. The 
SVN seems to be generally very unstable from what I've seen (I've tested 
two checkouts in the last few days and both have kind-of worked but had 
more severe crashing issues with the viewers than the current snapshot).

I'm also a bit confused by the fact that the SVN does not seem to match 
the snapshots. One of our systems (which is working very well) has a 
snapshot which identifies itself as 4.3.0-0.20080327. The source for 
that snapshot is lost at our end. Looking through the SVN the versions 
which have that string in include/version.h are versions 5614 through 
5626. None of these revisions compile as the file hobbitd/client/hmdc.c 
does not exist but is referenced in the build! Was there an out-of-tree 
patch made for the snapshot release?

Anyway, any pointers or advice from others running 4.3 snapshots would 
be greatly appreciated. :)

Kind regards,
Davíð Steinn Geirsson
Basis ehf.

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