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Hubbard, Greg L greg.hubbard at eds.com
Wed Aug 27 15:16:45 CEST 2008

Wow, what cheek.  Why don't you save more time and ask us to write your report, too?
If you use an open source tool, you will need to dig out the facts yourself, and you will need to avoid asking "qualitative" questions (such as questions 2, 3, 4, 5, etc) and ask factual questions (like 1) that don't requirement a judgment call.
The vendors who offer tools usually have sales departments who will be happy to fill out your RFI forms.


	From: Matthias.Anthes at dfs.de [mailto:Matthias.Anthes at dfs.de] 
	Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 1:05 AM
	To: hobbit at hswn.dk
	Subject: [hobbit] Antwort: [hobbit] hobbit-clients.cfg not recognizing DISK /autoyast IGNORE

	Dear ladies and gentlemen, 
	momentanely I´am working on a concept for monitoring tools which compares some montitoring tools in regard of the requirements of our company. 
	Can you tell me if the following requirements will be fulfilled by your tool? 
	(1) Open Source Solution 
	(2) Big community is available 
	(3) Documentation is at a high quality 
	(4) Tool is easy to operate 
	(5) The Tool configuration is easy 
	(6) HMI configuration is easy 
	(7) Background pictures can be implementet 
	(8) Support of SNMP v1,v2,v3 
	(9) It is possible to call scripts (shell scripts, perl scripts and so on) 
	(10) Definition of roles possible 
	(11) Processing of Traps possible 
	(12) Tool shall be extendable 
	(13) Longtime-monitoring shall be possible. 
	Please can you checkmark these items? 
	I create a list with a lot of features for the tools but unfortunately have some open points also for your tool BigSister. 
	So I would ask you if you can make checkmarks to the open features if your tool will fulfill the features. 
	Here they are: 
	1.        Alert-Form (mail, SMS, pager,....) 
	2.        History of generated Status changes displayable/archieveable 
	3.        Logging and Display of Performance data 
	4.        Protocolls (snmp, ssh,...) 
	5.        HW support like VMWare, Cisco, Juniper, F5, Veritas, Nortel, EMC, NetApp... 
	6.        Support of geographic network maps 
	7.        redundancy by starting multiple instances possible 
	8.        Real-time diagnosis 
	9.        Local tests by installing application on a client 
	10.        history and reports 
	11.        flexibility: Def. of alarm thresholds and warning, HMI adaptable 
	12.        User management 
	13.        longterm monitoring 
	14.        Availibility report 
	15.        Virtualisation possible 
	16.        Templates available 
	17.        XML-Data-Import / Export 
	18.        Application load distribution on multiple hosts 
	19.        Integration of failure and performance monitoring 
	Can you return the answer to my e-mail-account please? 
	In hope of a quick answer I send you many regards, 
	I need this information urgently because I have to finish the concept on friday 
	Many regards, 
	DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
	Am DFS-Campus 10
	D - 63225 Langen
	Tel.: +49-(0)6103-707-0 
	Sitz der Gesellschaft: Langen/Hessen
	Zuständiges Registergericht: AG Offenbach am Main, HRB 34977
	Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrates: Robert Scholl
	Geschäftsführer: Dieter Kaden (Vors.), Ralph Riedle, Jens Bergmann
	Internet: http://www.dfs.de
	Public-Key der DFS: http://www.dfs.de/dfs/public_key.asc

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