[hobbit] Status re. renaming and my health-issue

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I wish you all the best for the comming weeks.
Enjoy life without a computer.


Bert Klomp

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To start with the eye-problems I've had, I am scheduled for surgery
on Wednesday (Aug. 27). It's a relatively simple operation - I'll be
out of the hospital the same day - but I cannot use my eyes normally
for a few weeks after the operation. Meaning that I am not allowed
to read, work with a computer, or drive a car for 2-4 weeks.

So I'll be completely off-line during that period. Sorry, but that's
the way it is.

Now to the grand renaming debate. The last time I mentioned that I had
another candidate, but I was waiting to see if the domain names were
going to expire. Alas, they did not. The name I had in mind was
"Sysdar", being short for "Systems Radar" - but phonetically also
rather neat, since it brings in memories of "Big Sister" and hence
"Big Brother".  It didn't quite work out. That doesn't mean I'll
scratch that idea completely - it's still a good name, and there are
no trademark registrations or anything else indicating that the name
is used at all, so we could just work it out with a different domain
name (e.g. sysdar.eu or sysdar.dk).

My favourite right now is G-lance. I've noted that HP has the
"GlancePlus" software, but I hope that won't be a problem due to
the explicit dash and therefore the very different pronounciation.

"hobbitmon" and "hobbeat" are outsiders. I'd have to get an OK for
those from the Tolkien lawyers, and I am a bit sceptical about them
accepting either. Also, I think they are OK names for people who
know what Hobbit is about - but they have no meaning what so ever to
new users (or PHB's).

Nothing's going to change (obviously) for the next few weeks, so
feel free to voice opinions and/or come up with good ideas until


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