[hobbit] hobbitd_rrd problem (core)

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Mon Aug 25 23:11:53 CEST 2008

In <52107. at webmail.lienard.name> "Nicolas LIENARD" <nico at crysto.org> writes:

>Core was generated by `hobbitd_rrd --rrddir=/opt/hobbit/data/rrd'.
>Program terminated with signal 6, Aborted.
>#3  <signal handler called>
>#4  0x0000002a95695639 in write_RRA_row (rrd=0x7fbfffb0a0, rra_idx=3,
>rra_current=0x7fbfffaff0, CDP_scratch_idx=Variable "CDP_scratch_idx" is
>not available.
>    at rrd_update.c:1534
>#5  0x0000002a95696d02 in _rrd_update (filename=0x525520
>"/opt/hobbit/data/rrd/mail.pitsystem.it/netstat.rrd", tmplt=Variable
>"tmplt" is not available.
>    at rrd_update.c:1239
>#6  0x0000002a95698027 in rrd_update (argc=5, argv=0x7fbfffb160) at
>#7  0x00000000004036b6 in create_and_update_rrd (hostname=Variable
>"hostname" is not available.
>) at do_rrd.c:183
>#8  0x000000000040a665 in update_rrd (hostname=0x2a9623708e
>"mail.pitsystem.it", testname=0x2a962370a0 "netstat",
>    msg=0x2a962370a8 "data mail,pitsystem,it.netstat\nlinux\nIp:\n   
>856780605 total packets received\n    0 forwarded\n    0 incoming
>packets discarded\n    853032398 incoming packets delivered\n   
>1540620911 requests sent out"...,

It looks like a problem with the RRDtool library; the crash happens
inside one of the RRD functions (one handling updates of an RRD file).
The data that gdb shows hobbit feeding into RRD looks allright.

It seems you have rrdtool 1.2.27. I see that 1.2.28 is the last of the
1.2.x series of rrrdtool; there's nothing in the change-log that
screams "this is the bug" at me, but I would suggest re-building
Hobbit with the latest 1.2.x rrdtool version to see if that
solves the problem.

Also, if you could run hobbitd_rrd with the "--debug" option for a
few minutes until it crashes, it would show exactly what data was
being sent to the RRD-update function.


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