[hobbit] configuration of bbwin clients in Hobbit

McGraw, Robert P rmcgraw at purdue.edu
Fri Aug 22 13:53:11 CEST 2008


I have not had good luck using class names so I have stayed with using host
name. Make sure that your hostname of the same class comes before the class
name. Ever which one it finds first that is the one it will use. So if you
have an empty class name and a host name of the same class comes after the
class name nothing will happen.

So here is my client-local.cfg I have 

ignore information
ignore success
ignore message could not be scanned
ignore Error occurred in Scanning
ignore information
ignore success
ignore MAILRELAY Error Code: 0x0
ignore information
ignore success

and my hobbit-client.cfg

    UP 30m 1w
    LOAD 40.0 70.0
    DISK * 90 95
    FILE c:\Alligate\Digests\.Red_If_Digest_Did_Not_Run.txt red CTIME<100800
    LOG %.* %WARNING  COLOR=yellow
    LOG %.* %ERROR  COLOR=red
    PROC AGDigestSvc.exe  1 1
    PROC AgDomSvc.exe  1 1

In my use I have found that the epoch time is not calculated correctly. It
seems that it will take the local time to calculate GMT and not adjust for
the time zone.

I have document this in the BBWIN mail list.

Hope this helps.


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> I want to monitor the size of the logfiles on windows servers.
> I want to put a line in hobbit-clients.cfg like this:
> FILE /var/log/messages SIZE>0 MTIME<604800 yellow
> Does anybody have a clue about the name and paths of logfiles
> in Windows XP.
> in client local i want to put this:
> [win32]
> log:/var/log/messages:10240
> Any clue, anybody?
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