All graphs missing other than a few on trnds column

Dominic Young achvila at
Thu Aug 21 20:13:36 CEST 2008

Evening all,

Looking for some help with a strange garphing issue where graphs do not display on any of the default test (CPU,disk,bbgen), however under the trends column the default graphs do display but none of the custome ones.

Have 2 separate hobbit servers where everything is woking fine on one and not the other, have diffed all the config files and there are no differences, have checked all the directory permissions all ok.

When i look at the source of the webpage that is generated the only bit that is missing from the problem sever is the table definition for the graph:

<table summary="bbgen Graph"><tr><td><A
No odd errors in the logs, have restarted hobbitd and that didn't fix it either

Short of rebuilding the problem server i do not know what else to check

Any advice or hints would be greatly appreciated



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