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Steve Holmes sholmes42 at mac.com
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I don't know of any plugin or addon to hobbit for monitoring a JBOSS app
server, and I don't know enough about JBOSS to tell you how, but if you can
write a shell script or C (or C#, Java, PHP, PERL, etc) that gets the info
out of the server you can plug that into Hobbit. If you do, I'm sure there
would be others who would like to make use of your work.

For example: we have a cluster of websphere servers. I don't know anything
about websphere, but we wanted to get an alert when a percentage of the
servers in the cluster were not responding (it happens way too often and
impacts our work). The cluster is behind a load balancer so we can't get to
the individual servers directly (they are administered by another group). We
have several labs full of workstations which we do have control over. One of
our PERL programmers wrote a script which runs on the lab workstations that
updates a flag in the webserver database.  One of our Java programmers wrote
a little program that queries the database to find out what time each
workstation last updated that flag. I wrote a shell script that causes the
workstations to run the PERL program every 15 minutes (via cron), and a
shell script that hobbit runs which runs the java program and compares the
flag times with the current time. If more than a certain percent of the flag
times are more than 15 minutes out of date I sent a yellow or red message to
the hobbit server. At one point I had Hobbit configured to send an email
alert to the websphere admin group :-), but they didn't like that, so now
our group gets the alert and we have to call the websphere admin group :-(.

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On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 9:24 AM, Steve Holmes <sholmes42 at mac.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 2:47 AM, Suvra_Chakraborty <
> Suvra_Chakraborty at satyam.com> wrote:
>>  Hi,
>> I need a help for JBOSS app server monitoring by hobbit ..how to do that
>> and is there any plugin written for JBoss monitoring…..
>> Bcoz my company wants hobbit to monitor jboss in depth for example number
>> of threads,JVM details,throughput n all stuff of java……….
>> Pls help me in this regards
>> And if any one in the forum has written or has docs pls send me asap
>> Regards
>> Suvra
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