[hobbit] Oversize message

Morris, Chris (SS-IS) Chris.Morris at RWEsystemsUK.com
Tue Aug 19 11:50:08 CEST 2008

I know it says it has the same value as MAXMSG_STATUS but I also set
MAXMSG_STACHG="2048" and then stop the hobbit server, check the shared
memory segments have been released by hobbit (ipcs -a) and the restart the
hobbit server.
Works for me ; -)


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I hope not, but i see what you mean.

I actually have to increase it to more

root at hostname:/ # netstat -an |wc -c
root at hostname:/ #

I have now changed the values to 

But still get the same error, and all the host's checks are purple now. 

2008/8/18 Christian Gydesen <cg at kailow.dk <mailto:cg at kailow.dk> >

> I have changed hobbitserver.cfg with the following entries:
> MAXMSG_STATUS="1048576"
> MAXMSG_CLIENT="1048576"
> MAXMSG_DATA="1048576"
> MAXMSG_NOTES="1048576"
> and I can't find other references in the man file to increase message
> and data size.

> Am I missing something?
The man hobbitserver.cfg says that the values in the above MAXMSG_* is in

Where what is mentioned in log is in bytes and not kB.

So maybe they are to big, your values..


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