[hobbit] AIX Client

Brian O'Mahony brian.omahony at curamsoftware.com
Fri Aug 15 15:47:29 CEST 2008

I came across this and found a solution on the web somewhere.

However don't have the link. Have the solution though:

/usr/include/sys/socket.h:87: error: conflicting types for 'socklen_t'
Solution is to change the osdefs.h file in lib.
Change the two lines to:
typedef int hobbit_socklen_t;
extern int hobbit_snprintf
(snprintf may not be needed but i saw it happen once or twice)

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From: Stefan [mailto:skjoldar at gmail.com]
Sent: 15 August 2008 14:28
To: hobbit at hswn.dk
Subject: [hobbit] AIX Client

Hi everyone.

I've looked through the archives, and i see the AIX issue has come up
quite a lot.
I need to run the client on AIX boxes, but i can't get it compiled,
nor do i know if I'm missing something.

The runclient.sh is all wrong on the razorsedge compiled version, plus
it needs chkconfig for aix which i have no idea where to get.
Installed it with rpm 0Uvh --nodeps, and it installed, although i
think it might have done only half way.
It does run, but it doesn't open the 1984 port, and the config/log
file variables are wrong, or the installation location is wrong. I
can't get this version working

Compiling the source of the client, I get the following (bottom of email)

I'm stuck, I have no idea what is wrong here...
Can anyone perhaps help me?

I'm running AIX 5.3

bash-3.00# gmake
CC="gcc" CFLAGS="-g -O3 -qstrict -qcpluscmt -D_REENTRANT  -DAIX -I.
-I`pwd`/include -DCLIENTONLY=1 -DLOCALCLIENT=1 -I/usr/include"
LOCALCLIENT="yes" gmake -C lib client
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/tmp/hobbit-4.2.0/lib'
gcc -g -O3 -qstrict -qcpluscmt -D_REENTRANT  -DAIX -I.
-I/tmp/hobbit-4.2.0/include -DCLIENTONLY=1 -DLOCALCLIENT=1
-I/usr/include -I. -I../include    -c -o cgiurls.o cgiurls.c
gcc: unrecognized option '-qstrict'
gcc: unrecognized option '-qcpluscmt'
In file included from /tmp/hobbit-4.2.0/include/../lib/ipaccess.h:15,
                 from /tmp/hobbit-4.2.0/include/libbbgen.h:58,
                 from cgiurls.c:24:
/usr/include/sys/socket.h:87: error: conflicting types for 'socklen_t'
/tmp/hobbit-4.2.0/include/../lib/osdefs.h:21: error: previous
declaration of 'socklen_t' was here
gmake[1]: *** [cgiurls.o] Error 1
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/hobbit-4.2.0/lib'
gmake: *** [lib-client] Error 2

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