hobbit-clients.cfg CLASS=Linux

Anna Jonna Armannsdottir annaj at hi.is
Fri Aug 15 00:47:16 CEST 2008

In the file hobbit-clients.cfg there is the following 
configuration that does not seem to work as 
I expected. 

	PROC	cron
	PROC	ntpd
	FILE /var/log/messages SIZE>0 MTIME<604800 yellow

	# These are the built-in defaults.
	UP      10 
#	LOAD    5.0 10.0 EXHOST=snaefell.rhi.hi.is

The settings for the CLASS=Linux section used to be under 
default, until I introduced a bbwin client into the set. 
Then I introduced CLASS=Linux, hoping that it would 
do what I expected it to do. 

I need to be able to set some default settings for 
hobbit clients running on a Linux host and some 
other default settings for BBWin clients. 

I want to keep the hosts on the same web page so I 
can not use PAGE=firstset etc. 

Kindest Regards, Anna Jonna Ármannsdóttir,       %&   A: Because people read from top to bottom.
Unix System Aministration, Computing Services,   %&   Q: Why is top posting bad?
University of Iceland.

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