[hobbit] multiple hobbit servers with different bb-hosts files: BBDISPLAYS troubles

Sebastian spa at syntec.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 22:10:01 CEST 2008

Stef Coene <mailto:stef.coene at docum.org> wrote:
> On Thursday 14 August 2008, Sebastian wrote:
>> Sebastian <mailto:spa at syntec.co.uk> wrote:
>>> Stef Coene <mailto:stef.coene at docum.org> wrote:
>>>> But some clients are only listed in the bb-hosts of 1 of the 2
>>>> hobbit servers. The client only reports to the hobbit server where
>>>> they are listed in the bb-hosts file.  I can see the incoming
>>>> messages and I see the files under the data directory.  But no
>>>> status is displayed on the html pages.
>>> Did you see the "--ghosts={allow|drop|log}" setting for hobbitd?
>>> "allow" seems to be what you want.
>> Actually you can also use BBGHOSTS in hobbitserver.cfg, which is more
>> convenient I think. The man page unhelpfully doesn't list what
>> BBGHOSTS of 0 does, but the cfg file does, so... you want a BBGHOSTS
>> of 0.  Or make sure the bb-hosts file are the same on both
>> servers...  It is designed so that they can be.
> It is not a ghost problem.  I was expecting that the information will
> be send to both BBDISPLAY servers and that they will decide what to
> do with the information.
> But that's not the case, it talks to the first BBDISPLAY server and
> only if that server is accepting the information it is also send to
> the second BBDISPLAY server.

Well your situation / original message is not very clear then.  What is the
big picture you are trying to achieve here?  Have you checked your
pages?  Are there are errors, warnings, ghosts or multi-source statuses?
Maybe you can post them?


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