need help in monitoring edmz client

Craig Cook Craig.Cook at
Thu Aug 14 18:38:52 CEST 2008

I believe there is some confusion as to what you are doing.

Option 1

>From my understanding Daniel was suggesting you setup a ssh tunnel from your hobbit server to your dmz host.  Your client should work without any further changes i.e. your BBDISPLAY setting should be the real IP of your hobbit server (not the loopback you currently have).

You will then have to ensure the tunnel stays up.

Option 2.

Use msgcache, which is what I think you originally asked about.

On your dmz client, edit clientlaunch.cfg
Ensure in the section for [msgcache] your have a line with

hobbitclient.cfg on your dmz client should have

This makes the client report results to itself.

On your hobbit server ensure hobbitlaunch.cfg has this:


Ensure your bb-hosts on hobbit server has the
 tag added for your dmz client.

e.g.  dmz-client # pulldata

Restart your hobbit server and wait 10+ minutes.

There are pros and cons with both options.


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